November 3, 2017


On March 3,1975 in Graulhet, France, Ferrid was born. It was only 4 years later that he started Judo in the town of Carmaux with Master Garbajo.

After his first instructor retired, he studied under Sensei Jacques Galaup.

Combining his grandfather as his role model (being a boxer) and his love for all things Bruce Lee, his passion for fighting in the Martial Arts grew. He trained everyday with a fire in his heart to compete.

When he became National Champion under 15 in ’90 then National Champion under 17 in ’92, he knew he would build his life around Judo.

He left his home in Carmaux for Paris and went on to win many Championships becoming European Champion by Team and U21.

By 1996, he was already an Olympic alternate and considered one of the best Judokas under 73kg.
Ferrid competed at the 2000 Sydney Olympic games, placing 7th.

He studied at the University of Paris and became a sports instructor.

Thinking to expand his talent, he trained in and represented the country of his father, Tunisia from 2001 to 2004.

Rough times and disagreements with the French Judo federation led to his suspension from the sport for a whole 15 years. Rather than contest something bigger than he could fight against, he stopped Judo all together and began his Brazilian Jiujitsu and MMA training-this was 2004.

While fighting in Australia, a manager from the US contacted him and recruited him to join Team Quest in California. He later became contracted under the Bellator organization.

Today he has around 40 professional fights- His interest in BJJ only grew during his MMA career. He had the opportunity to train with some of the worlds best BJJ players. He earned his black belt while living in San Diego.

Today, his focus is on teaching and sharing his extensive knowledge of the Martial Arts he loves.

He is a 6th degree Judo Black belt, a BJJ black belt, and a former Professional MMA fighter but his greatest accomplishment in life is his family life with his wife Evelyn, two children, Kingston and Moea & their dog Mady.

He lives and trains knowing God is behind everything.



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